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Once upon a time

The end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s is a period in Turkey that is marked by the boom of the Internet. Many new Internet Service Providers were popping up every other week, with consdirable investment and advertisement budgets. Somewhat in contrast to this, however, there was almost no factual, concrete informaton on the Turkish Internet infrastructure: The number of users, usage trends, etc.

At approximately the same times, I was doing studies triggered by personal curiosity on these very subjects. When I shared these (most of which can be found by following the navigation on the left side) with the greater Internet community, there was considerable interest from many parties (within and outside of Turkey). These studies have been used by many researchers in their publications, documents and presentations. Unfortunately, I haven't kept a pointer to all of these publications, I am sharing a few press clips that I have kept from those times as a reference:

Milliyet - National Press / August 2000 (Serhat Ayan) - August 2006

Information Week Magazine - April 2000 (Gürsel Görgülü)

Zaman - National Press / August 2000 (Anatalian Agency)