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Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 21:05:52 CET

şu adımlardan başka bilgim yok istersen kontrol et.

Step 1 Power up the console / PC.  

Step 2 Start a terminal emulator (e.g., HyperTerminal) on the console/PC. Configure a connection to COM1, with port settings of:

9600 bits per second8 data bitsNo parity1 stop bitHardware flow control.

 Set the emulator for VT100 emulation, or let it auto-detect the emulation type.

Step 3 Power up the VPN Concentrator by pressing ON ( I ) on the power switch on the back.

 The LED(s) on the front panel will blink and change color as the system executes diagnostics. Watch for these LEDs (if present) on the VPN Concentrator front panel to stabilize and display:

System = green (This is the only front-panel LED on the Model 3005.)Ethernet Link Status 1 2 3 = green for the Ethernet interfaces to which you connected patch cablesExpansion Modules 1 2 3 4

 Insertion Status = green for the number of SEP modules in your device

 Run Status = green for the number of SEP modules in your deviceFan Status = green

Power Supplies A B = green for the number of power supplies in your device

 Ignore any other LEDs on the front panel.

Step 4 Watch for the following LEDs on the back of the device to display:

Private / Public / External Interfaces

 Link = green for the interfaces connected to networksSEP Modules (if installed): Power = green

 If LEDs that should be
green are amber, red, or off, please see Appendix A, "Troubleshooting and System Errors." Ignore any other LEDs on the back.

Step 5 The console displays initialization and boot messages such as:

 Boot-ROM Initializing...

 Boot configured 128Mb of RAM.

 Image Loader Initializing...

 Decompressing & loading image ............

 Verifying image checksum ...........

 Active image loaded and verified...

 Starting loaded image...

 Starting power-up diagnostics...

 Initializing VPN Concentrator ...

 Initialization Complete...Waiting for Network...


                                                                           Yasin AKIN

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