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From: ›smail (ismailcan_net_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Jul 17 2004 - 10:33:11 GMT

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    I have registered my gw to gk. But it doesnt work properly.
    I send config and sh ga. When a call comes to my gw, sometimes I can terminate. But mostly calls are droped with short duration. Is there extra config or wrong in my gk configuration. What is the problem?
    Can you help me?
    as5350#sh ga
    H.323 ITU-T Version: 4.0 H323 Stack Version: 0.1
     H.323 service is up
     Gateway as5350 is registered to Gatekeeper saharagk
    Alias list (CLI configured)
     H323-ID as5350
    Alias list (last RCF)
     H323-ID as5350
     H323 resource thresholding is Disabled

    interface FastEthernet0/0
     ip address a.b.c.d
     duplex auto
     speed auto
     h323-gateway voip interface
     h323-gateway voip id saharagk ipaddr x.x.x.x 1718
     h323-gateway voip h323-id as5350
     h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr a.b.c.d

    controller E1 3/1
     ds0-group 0 timeslots 1-15,17-28 type r2-digital

    dial-peer voice 24 voip
     permission orig
     destination-pattern ^9054T
     session target ras
     codec g729r8 bytes 60
    dial-peer voice 25 pots
     permission term
     destination-pattern 9054T
     port 3/1:0
     prefix 054

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