[cisco-ttl] %SCHED-3-THRASHING

From: Ilker YILMAZ (ilkeryilmaz_at_netone.com.tr)
Date: Sat Jun 12 2004 - 15:02:04 GMT

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    Her iki dakikada bir bu loggingi alıyorum;


    Jun 12 19:50:05.613: %SCHED-3-THRASHING: Process thrashing on watched
    message event.

    -Process= "TTY Background", ipl= 4, pid= 30

    -Traceback= 60493384 604935DC 603DC0D0




    Daha once ayni sorunla karşılaşan ve cozen var mı? Cisco'da şu makale




    These thrashing checks are intended to determine if a process is, for some

    reason, not doing its job. The thrashing check on watched queues (which is

    the troublesome message which is signaling) checks the number of elements

    on the queue. If this number remains the same for a given number of

    schedulings, the message is printed.


    Unfortunately, some queues are length-limited, meaning that if the router

    gets very busy, the queues always stay at the maximum. As a result, the

    thrashing code in the scheduler gets confused and thinks that these queues

    have not been handled. The thrashing code has determined that the process

    which was supposed to handle the queue was not doing its job and prints

    the thrashing message.


    The scheduler has been changed in later Cisco IOS software code. To keep

    track of whether the queues have been changed (so it can better determine

    whether or not the process is thrashing), the scheduler now notes whenever

    an item is removed from the queue, and only prints the thrashing message

    if nothing gets removed for a while.


    Most of the time, the queue thrashing message is simply cosmetic.


    These messages are not always caused by a software bug. They may be issued

    in response to either instantaneous or sustained demand on the router.

    Increased or persistent messages may indicate that the traffic load needs

    to be reviewed.


    Note: These code changes are reported under CSCdj68470. If you are a

    registered user, you may use the Bug Toolkit to watch this bugID.





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