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From: Yahoo! Messenger (ismailcan_net_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 06:53:57 GMT

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    ismailcan_net invites you to get Yahoo! Messenger

    ismailcan_net would like to use Yahoo! Messenger with you. With Yahoo! Messenger, you can have live conversations and keep in contact with your friends and family. Accept the invitation to Yahoo! Messenger.

    It's filled with great features for playing games, listening to your favorite music, and ways to let you express your personality -- Yahoo! Avatars, Emoticons, IMVironments and Audibles that leap off the screen to show your style.

    There's more, like seeing which friends are online (and going stealth, if you don't want them to see you), webcam, voice chat and more and more and more.

    Yahoo! Address Book is now integrated into Yahoo! Messenger. Everything goes in one place -- phone numbers, Messenger IDs and email addresses - now stored and easy to find and keep track of.

    And, of course, Yahoo! Messenger is free. So, get Yahoo! Messenger and tell all your friends to get it, too!

    It's easy to get started -- just go to the following URL to accept the invitation and get Yahoo! Messenger:


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