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Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 07:12:20 GMT

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    You belong to one or more email groups provided by Yahoo! Groups
    ( Email from these groups can be recognized by
    looking for a group name in the message Subject line, like
    [pet-owners] or [music-fans].

    Recently, messages sent to you from Yahoo! Groups have been
    returned to us as undeliverable. To prevent any problems with your
    email service, we have temporarily turned your Yahoo! Groups
    account OFF.

    If you are reading this message now, the delivery problem appears to
    be fixed. However, we won't know that the problem is fixed until you
    tell us.

    To turn your Yahoo! Groups account ON:

    - Please REPLY to this message. Send that reply back to us without
    changing anything.


    - While connected to the Internet, click on the following Web link (or
    copy and paste it into your Web browser and hit the RETURN key):,97886&p=1080719257

    Once we get a response from you, we will turn your Yahoo! Groups
    account back ON, and you will begin to receive messages from your
    groups again.

    After you respond, you can read any messages you might have missed
    while your account was off by visiting:

    Thank you for using Yahoo! Groups!

    Yahoo! Groups Customer Care

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