Re: [cisco-ttl] motorola 6425 boot sorunu

From: tayfun guler ([email protected])
Date: Mon Jun 30 2003 - 17:51:25 GMT

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    merhaba paşa;

    biraz araştırma yaptığımda şunları bulabildim.(sana gelen hata mesajı ve açıklaması çerçeve içinde)

    motorola Ekran Mesajları:

    Booting ONS_____ The node is booting up (operating software is being started).

    Coldload Done___When the image has successfully loaded into FLASH,this message appears for 5 seconds.

    CPU Util. nn%_____ Percentage of CPU capability being utilized.

    Writing to FLASH_____The Cold Loader is loading an image into FLASH.

    Erasing FLASH_______ The Coldloader is erasing FLASH. After this iscomplete,the Flash image can be sent to the node

    ERR:Bad FLASH_____ An error occurred while the Cold Loader was loadingan image into FLASH.

    Loading FBIST FBIST _______software is being loaded from FLASH to DRAM for execution.

    Loading FIPL FIPL ____software is being loaded from FLASH to DRAM for execution.

    Loading ONS _____The operating software is being loaded from FLASH to DRAM for execution.


    Need ColdLoad _____The FLASH does not contain a valid software image and the node is waiting to be ColdLoaded.


    --- Node Up --- The node is up and running:

    • the operating software has begun multitasking

    • the data ports are enabled

    • data can start passing

    S5.3.01[16 characters] Indicates the software version running on the node

    including software feature set name (up to 16


    Send FLASH Image The Cold Loader is waiting for a FLASH image to be

    sent to the node during the cold load procedure

    Testing Node FBIST is running diagnostic tests on the hardware.

    Vanguard 6425 The model type.

    Zap Mode The diagnostic Zap mode is invoked. Can choose Force

    Coldboot or Clear CMEM commands.

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