[cisco-ttl] TAC`in cevabi :)

From: Ağ ve Güvenlik Müh. - GAT ([email protected])
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 05:22:50 GMT

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    Bir case icin gecen hafta TAC`dan gelen cevap
    Ben yorum yapmiyorum...
    Pleasant day to you!
    Have you received my previous email regarding the ios upgrade? Please think about it.
    If i may relate it to something else, it's like a stomach ache. When you have stomach ache and suddenly disappear and you went to a doctor to have it check it out. The doctor won't know the cause of the stomach ache due to the problem is solved. He may try to analyze from what you have described to him and he may make a wild guess. If you say to the doctor that there are lot of people experiencing stomach ache and try relate it to them, the doctor could say its a cancer or even food poison or worst. He of course cannot pin-point the exact problem because there isn't enough data. And if he tried to let you take a random medicine for your stomach ache then it might result to a more serious problem. There are different causes for different problem that is why i can't compare from what you have search in the google. I can only suggest you to upgrade your router's ios version and close this case and when the problem is again there, that is when we can reopen this case again or open a new one.
    The only difference between the stomach ache and the router is that the stomach ache is more sensitive issue because it involves lives of people and life is so precious!
    Hope you didn't get bored with my comparison and story!
    Thank you very much.
    I look forward to your reply.

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