[cisco-ttl] NEED HELP

From: John Gilmore ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 16:11:34 GMT

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    My Dear Brothers and Sisters,
                                 I am writing this in extreme pain, let me
    introduce myself I am a very well respected person in my community, had
    very good bussiness,everything was going well for me till 2000,and then
    everything went downhill for me, I have lost my bussiness, my house is
    forcloser, I have no money to support my family with three young
    job market suck's out there,I have some health issue's too, which
    me from any hard labor work.
    I am not a fraud, If you like to help in any way,please sent me an
    email at [email protected]

    will give you all my detail's, I am trying to get out of this forcloser
    situation so that i can save my house.
    Please if you cannot do any thing for me, forward this to someone who
    can, I
    would really appreciate it for the rest of my life.
    If anyone like to help my bank account is
    Union Bank of California
    WoodBridge #610
    5345 Alton Parkway
    Irvine California 92604
    ACC. 6101092853
    ROUTING NO.122000496
    Any help would be considered as a loan to me and i will return it as
    soon as
    i can.

    any help is greatly appreciated

    desperate fellow Human in need.

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